Earlier this year I had my wisdom teeth removed, and stayed in bed all afternoon sleeping off the drugs.

I woke up in the late afternoon, feeling clear-headed for the first time so I figured the drugs have worn off, and I get out of bed and go to the kitchen to get some yogurt.

When I get there, though, I’m think “maybe it’s not late enough after the surgery to eat anything,” so I pull out the information pamphlet.

But before I found the section that talked about food, I suddenly felt really light-headed, and before I could even form another thought…

I don’t even remember going down, but I came to when my sister shook my shoulder like

"Karalee! Karalee! Oh my gosh."

Apparently, I hadn’t just passed out, but also hit my head on the table on my way down, which dislodged my gauze.

So basically, my sister was sitting in the living room, heard a huge thud, came into the kitchen to find me unconscious on the floor with blood running out of my mouth.

but she didn’t know it was just because I hadn’t had the chance to change out my gauze.

Then she and my older sister, like, dragged me back up the stairs to my room and made me stay there until my mom got home.


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