A couple summers ago my mom decided she wanted our house resided, which is not really that interesting a time, but it is when you have an A+ hottie on the construction team.

My little sister and I made a habit out of standing at whichever window faced their work area and watching for this… Ryan~

We’d make excuses to open the garage door and see him cutting some lumber or some equally manly task, pretend to look around for someone else, and then go back inside like 


Happiest moment of my life was when they finally started residing the walls right around my bedroom windows.

I saw my window of opportunity and I crouched down behind my dresser and took pictures.

One time we stood in the bathroom with the lights off for like 20 minutes so we could watch him work on the back of the house.


WHAT WE DIDN’T KNOW, though, was that he would be laying directly beneath this window, twisting around, flexing his biceps, and being sexy in general whilst trying to reside the house.

So we got to see his back muscles and his underwear and stuff and it was magical.


I’m pretty sure that he must’ve seen us staring at him at some point, so if your name is Ryan and you work in construction, well then I am very sorry but your booty don’t quit.

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