My mom is madly in love with “The Last of the Mohicans” so I told her I was going to watch it this weekend.

She must’ve forgotten because when my little sister and I started to play it in the basement, my mom texted me from the living room, “are you watching a movie?”

and I texted her back,


And as soon as I sent that, the very distinct main theme started to play via surround sound.

From experience, I can tell you that you can hear what movie is being played in the basement from the living room, which was right above us. No sooner did I recall this information than I realized what was about to happen.

From above, I could hear the thud of rapid footsteps,


and suddenly my mom WHIPPED the basement door open, raced down the stairs, and ran around the corner like 

So then she stood there and watched the beginning with us and at some point left

but I don’t even know which point that was because young Daniel Day Lewis is hot.


And that’s the moral of the story, kiddos: 

Daniel Day Lewis is hot.

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