What’s wrong with my sister and me: part 2 

As I said before, my little sister and I love to pull dumb shit on our mom. And we do it all. the. time.

On Friday, my mom was at a friend’s house, giving my sister and me the run of the house and all the space we needed to let our stupid lose.

Basically, I had a jacket on, and told Macy to put her arms into it like she was wearing it. Then we took a picture:


and then the follow-up:


We sent the first to our mom via text, and then we waited.


and she replied, "what’s going on? I don’t get it…"

We knew we got her right where we wanted her, so we sent the second picture.


She responded,



I knew she didn’t realize that I was behind Macy in the first picture, so I told her that I was "in case [she] didn’t notice"


After a minute, in which I assume she looked back at the first picture like


she texted back "stop that"

No, mom. As long as I am home and Macy is willing to participate, we will continue to shine on.


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